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SpecchioBKP, developed by Specchio, is the leading backup solution on the market, standing out for its advanced compression algorithm, speed, long retentions and autonomous user recovery capacity

Ensuring uncompromising security, the system uses symmetric encryption and fully integrates servers, enabling file recovery and rapid generation of functional images. With efficient disk scans, storage flexibility and hassle-free recovery, SpecchioBKP offers a full range of notable technical features, providing comprehensive protection for customer data.


The Specchio solution offers Home Office flexibility by allowing customers to work from home or on the go, providing remote access to all shared office resources.

The access server, provided on loan by Specchio, is a low-cost option, ideal for micro-businesses and offices with specific needs. The company offers comprehensive support, including advice on acquisition, planned implementation, control of websites, configuration of VPN, WiFi network, remote administration of Specchietto Server hardware and software, service during business hours and free replacement in the event of a defect.

Specchio NET

Specchio implements networks with meticulous planning, ensuring efficient convergence of voice and data communication.

The work encompasses thorough analysis and implementation, prioritizing system security, availability, preventive and corrective actions, and disaster recovery to maintain work continuity. Services include advice on equipment acquisition, planned implementation, link and equipment redundancy, creation of Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs), VPN access, 24×7 monitoring of hardware and software, complete equipment administration, on-call service during business hours and support in person when necessary.


Servers managed by Specchio offer high reliability, with comprehensive analysis and implementation to meet the specific demands of the operating environment.

The company provides data security, including services such as software updates, firewall, remote backup and disaster recovery. Continuous and remote monitoring allows preventive and corrective actions, ensuring the continuity of work without interruptions. Specchio also offers advice on the acquisition of servers, implementation of planned solutions, user administration, server and internet link redundancy, web page hosting, and various other services, with service during business hours and on-call.

IT Service Management

We provide services management of servers, including provisioning, maintenance, updantes of software and monitoring.

Acceleration in use of data science

We provide consultancy on infrastructure design, security, regulatory compliance and performance optimization.

Backup of security

We provide solutions recovery of disasters and backup for ensure continuity business in case of failure or disaster.

Network Solutions

We implement security solutions such as firewalls, IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems), network security and cyber threat monitoring

About us

Specchio is an IT company specializing in server security and administration, as well as the convergence of voice and data communications. Our primary objective is to ensure the continuous availability of crucial services and information for our customers, avoiding any interruption or inaccessibility.

From a single workstation to extensive networks with hundreds of computers, Specchio offers adaptable solutions to meet each client’s specific needs.

We are prepared to face possible crises in any region of the country, thanks to our uninterrupted remote monitoring. This constant monitoring allows us to anticipate solutions before our customers even notice problems.

We keep our team constantly improving, remaining at the forefront of knowledge of existing and developing methodologies, always identifying viable trends. We use processes that follow SLA (Service Level Agreement) quality parameters, ensuring excellence in our services.

Specchio operates in the IT scenario to provide our customers with the freedom to direct their efforts towards their core business. The results of this action are reflected in the tranquility and efficiency with which we deal with information technology demands.

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